Known for its fairly tales, the Kingdom of Denmark is situated in Northern Europe. This Scandinavian nation consists of Denmark, Faroe Islands and Greenland. The nation has been ranked the highest in terms of income equality. It has the most appropriate climate for business as per Forbes. Between 2006 and 2008, the nation was ranked as “the happiest place in the world” when it comes to the standards of health, education and welfare.

Denmark Green Card Scheme

The Kingdom of Denmark offers a Green Card for those who intend to live and work in Denmark. This Green Card caters to a residence and a work permit which is issued to selected applicants by the Government of Denmark.

This scheme permits the family members of the applicant to accompany subject to the applicant having an employment in Denmark. The spouse or the partner is permitted to seek a full-time employment opportunity till their visa is valid. However, it is mandatory that the entire family lives at one address in Denmark.

This Green Card is issued to the selected applicant after a thorough evaluation with the help of a Points Based System. This system has been developed to assess the ability of an applicant or a prospective immigrant to seek qualified employment in Denmark.

The Positive List

There are many occupations in Denmark for which there is a lack of qualified workers. If you have skills in one of these occupations, you can obtain a work and residence permit in very little time under the Positive List scheme.

The Pay Limit Scheme

If you have a job offer from a Danish employer that pays more than DKK 375,000 (approximately USD 80,000), you are also eligibile for a work and residence permit in Denmark under the Pay Limit scheme.

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