Ashwin Jay

Before starting our PR journey with them. I had met two other agencies in Dubai. One of them a very very reputed international group and has a huge marketing around here. I don’t want to take their name . But you can guess. My only need was to deal with a straight forward agency who can be honest and give me advices based on the realities. Bcoz we all are sp ending our hard earned money for this process. So I just wanted to be sure if I will get PR after all the monetary struggle. Both the agencies told me my job is in demand and was pushing me to start my application. I felt a bell ring inside me and just waited a bit. Did more research on my chances. That’s when i met Mr. Midhun Mohan through a friend of mine and he told me that my job is not in demand now. So don’t apply now just wait. I felt immediately he was genuine and honest. then started my pr journey with him and today we received our PR. Midhun is so professional and dedicated that you can be assured your hard earned money will not go in vain. We highly recommend midhun and his firm to anyone who wants to migrate to Australia. Midhun & the firm thank you soo much. All the best !!