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Program overview:

The Hungarian Investment Immigration Program (“Program”) allows third country nationals (non-European Union citizens) to acquire Hungary’s permanent residency status through investing in Special Hungarian Government Bonds that have a minimum 5-year maturity and are issued by the State through the Government Debt Management Agency (“AKK”).

Hungary State Special Debt Fund (“Fund”), incorporated in the Cayman Islands under the Companies Law and Mutual Funds Law, is the only enterprise approved by the Hungarian Government to invest in Special Hungarian Government Bonds on behalf of applicants from China and Vietnam. Hungary State Special Debt Management Limited (“HSSDML”) is the only company authorized by the Fund to provide immigration advisory services to these applicants. China-based immigration consultants selected by HSSDML will provide these applicants with additional specific services related to the Program.

Applicants are required to first subscribe to the Fund’s shares with a lock-up period of minimum 5 years. The minimum initial investment by each subscriber is EUR 250,000. Shares will be 100{dc50ac9371666c4a8a28ef151392a82d68e82e44c27caf2917cf462ad234666b} redeemable after the lock-up period.

Successful applicants who have already held the permanent residency status would hold such status once obtained, even after the redemption of his shares in the Fund. Specifically he holds such permanent residency status after redemption from the Fund and without any need to subscribe the Fund’s shares again.

The Program was officially launched and opened to Applicants from China, on April 18th 2013, at Embassy of Hungary in Beijing.

We help you to find a safe future for your family

The Hungarian parliament has passed a new law in 2016 which makes the Hungarian program even better. The main changes are:

  • You get a permanent residence card in one step,
  • Your dependent children and
  • Your dependent parents will also get Hungarian permanent residence permit,
  • No Hungarian address is required.

Accordingly, you and your family get permanent residence permit within 2 months! The Hungarian program is the fastest track in the world to obtain lifelong permanent residence permit (PR). Secure your family’s future now.

The number of Hungarian residence permits issued in the Program is increasing enormously.

Hungarian Residency Bond Program is getting popular: number of residence permits issued increases constantly.

Based on the information provided by the competent Hungarian authority i.e. the Hungarian Debt Management Agency (“ÁKK Zrt.”) until now the ÁKK Zrt.; has sold 3915 Residency Government Bonds. Hungarian authorities hope that the trend will continue in the future as well.

Benefits of the Hungary Investment Bond Program:
  • You pay once and you can use it in your whole life
  • Easy requirements, personal guidance throughout the whole Program
  • Fast processing, permanent residence permit within 2 months
  • Your spouse and your dependent children and parents are also included in the Program free of charge.
  • Total cost is €360,000 of which €300,000 will be refunded after 5 years. It actually costs EUR 60,000 for the whole family.
  • This is the cheapest offer in Europe
  • You can freely travel within Schengen countries without visa and border control
  • Hungary is a safe country. You and your family are in safety in Hungary
  • You invest in Hungarian government bonds
  • Hungary is a springboard for European business

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