United States Immigration Consultants in Dubai

US Immigration has one of the most difficult and complex immigration systems in the world. US Visa Expert advice is essential when making a US immigration application. Fortunately, we have many US immigration specialists ready to handle your US visa application. We will train for the interview to fully prepare you for your appointment at the embassy. Our US experts will also advice you on documents, online application forms, case presentation and schedule interview.

Business Visa/ Visit Visa/ Tourist Visa

This USA business visa allows people to enter the US for a temporary period for business, pleasure or to receive medical treatment.

B1 USA Business visa allows individuals to travel to the US for the purpose of business meetings, seminars, conferences, consultation, buying goods or materials etc. You are not allowed to work or get paid for your services whilst in the US.

B2 USA Tourist Visa/ Visit Visa is meant for those who seek to enter the US as a tourist, visit, receive medical treatment, participate in events, conventions and conferences, attend funerals etc. You are not allowed to work and are expected to depart at the end of your authorized stay.

EB- 5 Visa – Immigrant Investor Program

The EB-5 Visa Program allows up to 10,000 foreign nationals to obtain permanent residence (by obtaining a “Green Card”) in the United States each year. Obtaining permanent residence status in the U.S. under the EB-5 Visa Program is one of the most expedient and risk free methods available for individuals to qualify for permanent resident status. This program is open to citizens of every country in the world regardless of their home country’s treaty status with the United States. To participate in this program, interested parties must simply make an investment of either $500,000 (USD) or $1 million (USD) – the amount of the investment is determined solely by the location of the business or development project that will receive the investment – for a specified amount of time (usually for a period of 5 years) into a new business or real estate development project that meets certain employment creation requirements. The easiest way for prospective EB-5 investors to find, evaluate and invest in such a qualifying investment opportunity through the EB-5 Visa Program is to work with a Regional Center.

EB-5 Visa Investors are most often wealthy foreign nationals who desire to obtain a safe haven in the United States for their families and their assets. Many EB-5 investors have obtained permanent resident status in the U.S. simply so they can take advantage of the significant savings they are able to capture with universities by being a permanent resident of the U.S. instead of paying the ‘foreign student’ tuition rate for their children. EB-5 investors who come from countries other than China can usually obtain permanent residence status in the U.S. within about 6 to 9 months (there is currently about a two year backlog for EB-5 investors who come from China). Once they are approved for their Green Card under the EB-5 visa program, they are able to move and live here on a permanent basis immediately. The Green Card that is initially issued to an EB-5 investor is issued with the condition that they must meet the investment and job creation requirements of the EB-5 Visa Program during the first two years of their residence in the U.S.; and as long as the conditions are met – which is easily accomplished by making an investment into a real estate development project being sponsored by a regional center – then the conditions on their Green Card are removed, and they are then a permanent resident of the U.S. for the rest of their life.

At The Migration Firm, we can guide you on the right visa & investment program and can also link you with the real estate agents in the United States. We also work closely with the US Immigration Lawyers to make sure that your application is in professional and safe hands.

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